Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Daily sketch 02

A little tram waiting for another chance..


MrExcathedra said...

I saw your work a couple of years ago on your blog but didn't comment. I had saved your blog in my favorites and wanted to see more so I Googled you today. Anyway, I really love and admire your work. I'm also an artist and paint mostly landscapes and older architecture. Your conceptual fantasy work is truly fun and exciting (I love to read fantasy and you're stuff would make any book come alive!). Your industrial & urban landscapes have inspired me try my hand here in Baltimore. Thank you for showing us your work; consider me a fan!

Ma qiyin said...

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your help on my CGMA class! I really learn a lot about light, color and composition from your comments. Sorry for my bad English presentations. Look forward to see your awesome works and tutorials!


iron stick said...

Looking for Forex updates ...

Angel said...

Mr Michlap,

I have found an artist who is claiming a heavily-filtered version of one of your works as his own.

Please will you contact me on angela[dot]meadon{at}gmail[dot]com for further details?

Thank you.